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Camper Van Conversions

Camper Van Conversions Essex

“You dream it… We build it!”

Bespoke camper van conversions, tailor made to suit your van life dreams!

The beauty of owning a camper van ticks soo many lifestyle choices and even changes. The freedom of no plans or time pressures is more than just appealing.

At character campers we design and craft camper van conversions to suit your specific requirements. From family adventures to couple’s luxury retreat on wheels our team at character campers will be delighted to craft you the camper van conversion of your dreams.

As the leading luxury camper van conversions team in Essex, we know that there is nothing better than owning the road and breaking away from the norm. Our camper van conversion service brings together every element of design, construction and craft where we use your van as a blank canvas, and bring it to life as a camper van.

Breathe energy into your van, with a 5-star luxury van conversion that acts as your hotel room on wheels. Standard vans offer function but why not convert for the ability of travel. Undertaking a camper van conversion reimagines your van into a vibrant part of your life, on hand whenever the urge to travel takes you!

Character Campers provides every aspect of conversion that you can think of, and we welcome you to challenge us with any exciting ideas about how your camper van can provide the best experience for you and your fellow travellers!

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As quality & safety go hand in hand… only the best will do!