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Campervan heating

Character Campers supply and fit campervan heating options from Autoterm (Planar) Diesel heaters and Propex gas heaters.

Campervan heating is essential to make the most of your time, and means you can take wild trips chasing storms and experiencing the exhilaration of the wildest weather our coastlines can offer! Character Campers future-proofs your campervan from the worst that Mother Nature can throw at it, with high-spec heating to keep you warm and dry.

Tell us your plans and we will equip your campervan to remain warm no matter how far you travel!

The Benefits of fitting Campervan heating

Fitting either a gas or diesel heater to your campervan conversion allows you to holiday all year round in comfort without worrying about weather conditions. Your campervan will be as toastie during the winter adventures as it will be in the summer giving you the freedom of winter breaks in the UK and Europe when ever it suits you.

Living or traveling in a cold damp van is less than appealing especially when visiting cold climates. Your campervan heating can be as efficient as your home central heating system.  With the option of being controlled by a 7 day programable panel or control the heating from your smartphone app, ensuring the van is comfortably warm on your return.

Campervan Heating Prices from…

Call for the best campervan heating prices in Essex

Autoterm D2kw Kit

Vw T5, T6 or small van

Fully Fitted

Smartphone Modem

Control your heating from your phone

Fully Fitted

Propex HS2000

VW T5, T6 or small van

Fully Fitted with gas certificate

Propex HS2000 with Auto gas refillable tank

Complete heating package

Fully Fitted with gas certificate

Propex HS2211

VW T5, T6 or small van

Exterior fitted with gas certificate

Propex HS2211 with Auto gas refillable tank

Complete Exterior heating package

Fully Fitted with gas certificate

campervan heating propex
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Campervan Heating

Freedom to travel all year round to any destination what ever the climate.  Now with the luxury of controlling your van heating from your smart phone.

Why Choose Character campers to  supply & fit your Campervan Heating?
campervan heating gas safe


We believe safety is paramount when choosing your campervan heating supplier. All our appliances are fully gas tested and certificated and our campervans are fitted with LPG and CO (carbon monoxide) monitors.

campervan heating guarantee

2 Year Warranty

All the heaters that we install come with a 2 year manufacturers warranty. We always stand by our products and the quality of our workmanship.

pop top roofs quality

Quality Installation

We have over 20 years experience in installation and vehicle conversions. Our highly skilled team are dedicated to delivering a quality service only working with market leading products.

pop top roofs essex working together

Working Together

We actively encourage you to come in a visit us to discus your project. We are passionate about converting vans but we also use our vans for our own travels and completely understand what is required from your own conversion.

Enquiry about campervan heating

Different types of Campervan Heating

Below are the pros and cons of each campervan heating type

Autoterm Diesel Heaters


  1. plumbed straight into your vehicle fuel tank
  2. easy installation
  3. Can be controlled from your smart phone
  4. Extremely quick warm up


  1. Requires more battery power to run
  2. can use all your vehicle’s diesel

Propex LPG Gas heaters


  1. Separate fuel tank from your diesel supply
  2. extremely quite operation
  3. low battery consumption


  1. Slightly more complicated installation
  2. require additional fuel supply such as underslung tank
  3. no option yet to control from smart phone

Simple yet effective

Electric heaters

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Real Testimonials

Don’t just take our words for it. Our clients are our biggest supporters. Would you like to know what they think about us?

Excellent service , Autoterm heater fitted in just over 1 day, very professional finish , does not look like a retrofit . So Character Campers comes highly recommended , Matthew is a complete enthusiast.

Carol Friedrich 18-02-2020
Carol Friedrich 18-02-2020

Fantastic. Planer Autotherm heater fitted to my T6 quickly and professionally. Looks great and works a charm. Really friendly service. Highly recommended.

Paul Stabler 16-10-2020
Paul Stabler 16-10-2020

Fantastic Job with Excellent advice, Autoterm Planar Heater and solar system installed. Total different van now. Pleasure to deal with and the service was 5 star.

Michael Dempsey 01-04-2020
Michael Dempsey 01-04-2020
Brands we work with

As quality & safety go hand in hand… only the best will do!

What ever the weather your campervan will always be toastie…